Holly Durst Photos and Profile

Holly Durst Photos

Holly Durst Photos
Holly Durst Photos
Holly Durst Photos
Holly Durst Photos
Holly Durst Photos
Holly Durst Photos
Holly Durst Photos

Holly Durst Photos

Holly Durst Profile

Date Of Birth
January 13, 1983

Holly Durst is children's book author who joined the cast of The Bachelor: London Calling with Matt Grant. She was eliminated in the fourth episode of the show, during the dreaded two-on-one date.

Holly, who hails from Suffield, Ohio, is a graduate of Walsh University with a degree in Communication. So far, she has released two children's books, including Chocolate Socks and I Miss You.

In 2011, Holly was cast on the second season of Bachelor Pad, which also includes her former fiance Michael Stagliano.

Place of Birth
Suffield, Ohio, USA

Birth Name
Holly Beth Durst


Favorite Book
"Something Borrowed"

Favorite Movie
Wonka & The Chocolate Factory"

Favorite Food
Mashed Potatoes

2011 Bachelor Pad (TV series)
2011 Reality Obsessed (TV series)
2008-2009 The Bachelor (TV series)

Favorite Quote
"If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything" - Marilyn Monroe
Miss Holly



Holly Durst Photos and Profile


Foto Pre Wedding Artis Korea di Bali

1A TV show in Korea held in Bali Pre Wedding Photo. Jo Kwon from 2AM and Ga In from Brown Eye Girl, two Korea's top bands, held a photo session in Bali last year for the episode of the show "We've Got Married".

This photo is a collaboration with a magazine in Korea. Here's the picture that might be the aspiration.

Foto Pre Wedding Julia Perez

foto pre wedding jlia perezPre Wedding Photo of Julie Jupe Perez Gaston Castano, hot gossip artist seemed taken back by Jupe Julia Perez aka as pre-wedding photos Julie Perez, who had circulated a few months ago, back sticking out. Sexy photos with her ​​lover, Gaston Castano, widely circulated in cyberspace.

In the Pre Wedding photo, looks Jupe Jupe leaning against the wall and wearing only a bra with a white wedding dress subordinate international style. Jupe's hair was decorated with a white cloth that hung down long.

While Gaston seen wearing a white shirt unbuttoned not exposing her chest. Gaston Castano as she stood facing Jupe Jupe bra revealing her right hand. Gaston facial expression displays the contents in the middle of her bra peeking jupe: D

foto pre wedding jlia perez
Jupe claimed not to know anything about the circulation of such images in cyberspace.

"It's funny only if it is in-publish the same people who are not responsible. I'm also confused why can publish it, maybe if I was a nobody, photograph diomongin that baseball will be busy," says singer is Belah Duren.

Jupe claimed confused when the image is now being debated in the community. Because the image is made ​​to a private collection. When creating a photo with sexy pose, he did not intend to pass it on.

Wulan Guritno Pre-Wedding Photos

Wulan Guritno Pre-Wedding Photos
Wulan Guritno Pre-Wedding Photos
Wulan Guritno Pre-Wedding Photos

Foto Pre Wedding Artis

JAKARTA (AFP) .- Wulan Guritno getting married again March 27, 2009. Together with her ​​future husband, Adilla Dimitri visited them several times KUA Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

"I can counseling from KUA. Lama you know, two to three hours," said Wulan a news conference at Takigawa, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (10 / 3).

According to him, the exercise Dilla give consent granted was groggy. Just as the mother of Shalom's. "Imagine grief later Sungkeman and permit the same parents," he said.

Like other Java bride, Wulan the bloody Netherlands will seclusion. Given the fairly heavy schedule, she would not secluded week before the day of H. Wulan fasting also intend to be more qualified.

Wedding reception will be held Sunday, March 29, 2009 at the Jakarta Convention Center. Wulan choose custom Yogyakarta. Wulan reasoned, he was accustomed to wear in their everyday dress.

For business honeymoon, Wulan already making plans. Wulan and Dilla wanted to fly to South Africa. It was so exotic places Wulan dream since childhood. He prayed that his dream can be realized immediately. (das) ***
Foto Pre Wedding Artis
Source: http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/node/86096